Campus Partnerships

This morning I gave the opening talk at the Campus Cyberinfrastructure Workshop here in Snowmass, Colorado. It was a good opportunity to talk with leaders from the roughly 40 universities here about how TeraGrid can partner with campuses on key issues of Cyberinfrastructure. We've been looking at the following programs, each of which we want to flesh out with campus partners over the next several months:

- Cooperation in authorization infrastructure (wouldn't it be great for a campus user, assuming strong identity management and authentication on campus, to use his or her campus credentials to access TeraGrid...)

- Cooperative computational and storage/data management services (integration of capability resources such as TeraGrid with capacity resources on campuses)

- Federation of digital assets (data collections, etc.)

- An "affiliates" program for outreach beyond R1 institutions and for coordinating support for TeraGrid users, enabling campus staff to work with TeraGrid staff to support those users.

- Education and Training partnership to develop and harvest best-of-breed curricula and programs aimed at not only the next generation workforce (k-20) but continuing education for today's workforce.

Gary Bertoline (bertoline@purdue.edu) and Scott Lathrop (lathrop@mcs.anl.gov) are organizing these discussions - and always looking for more participants in those discussions.

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