Conversation with Vint Cerf

I had breakfast with Vint Cerf this morning where we spent about 90 minutes talking about common interests Google and TeraGrid might have. There are many! We talked about Web Services and the Science Gateway initiative as well as how people are using TeraGrid today. We'll probably follow up with me giving a talk about TeraGrid out at Google and some introductions with the relevant technical people at Google to pursue further discussions.

Vint also gave the keynote today at the EDUCAUSE Snowmass meeting, His talks (which lately he is doing without slides) are fast-moving intellectual tours through the spaces where technology, policy, applications and humans mix. He covered a variety of very interesting topics, for example offering insight into issues including net neutrality, the need for improved security in applications and operating systems, and some of the challenges to effective search (both of Internet and other content). He closed, of course, with an update on the Interplanetary Internet. As always, a very fun and stimulating talk!

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