Conversations about Data Analysis

Monday I caught up with Jim Gray from Microsoft Bay Area Research Center to talk about web services, storage, and data. He's been working with the NVO and Sloan Digital Sky Survey groups, who obviously have very large data requirements. One angle they are looking at is providing analysis tools at the data archive, rather than the traditional mode of downloading data and analyzing it locally. An example of this kind of service is the Catalog Archive Server.

On a similar topic I met with the Interagency Modelling Analysis Group (IMAG) yesterday to talk about their requirements and how they might use TeraGrid. A message I heard from this group is that there are many scientists who are able to do their computational work locally, and may or may not need to scale their work to use TeraGrid. However, where TeraGrid could really help them would be in providing analysis and visualization services. I mentioned to them that we have a variety of these types of services at the TeraGrid resource provider sites and that the TACC and UC/ANL resource providers have deployed dedicated resources on which they are operating visualization services for the user community. As a next step we talked about having someone talk to the IMAG about TeraGrid visualizaion services and how these compare to the needs of this group of scientists.


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