CTSS V4 - Draft spec for the Workflow "kit"

As mentioned earlier, we are moving toward an architecture where TeraGrid resources support (a) a core set of services, plus (b) one or more "kits" that provide specific functionality and services. One of the first kits we are discussing is the set of services and software necessary to support workflow on a resource. Lee Liming provides the following overview of the draft:

The purpose of defining this kit is not to redesign TeraGrid's capabilities in this area. Instead, the purpose is to make sure that we understand and document what the current capabilities are so that we have a solid baseline for subsequent changes. (Along the way, we can use it to improve the user documentation for the existing capabilities.) The "Future directions" section outlines what we currently know about likely subsequent changes. If there are any simple, non-controversial, beneficial, easy-to-implement enhancements that can be identified now, this would be a reasonable time to make them, so please speak up if you see something like this. Anything else (non-trivial, controversial, difficult to implement) will probably be put off until the next design cycle. HOWEVER, this would be a reasonable time to identify those things so that we can begin planning for them.

The draft is available for download from repo.teragrid.org and we are eager to see discussion as this moves forward! (note that this online draft is currently only available to TeraGrid participants, but I'd be happy to email to you if you're interested but not a participant)

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