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This week TeraGrid partnered with NCSA and the Shodor Education Foundation to hold a 5-day workshop at Chicago State University. There were about 30 faculty from Chicago State as well as local community colleges and local K-12 schools. The hands-on workshop exposed these faculty to interactive tools they can use to teach students about computational science. In addition to high-performance resources such as provided by TeraGrid, the participants learned about a range of computational science education resources available through the National Science Digital Library.

This is a neat example of the kind of workshops that are happening around the country with TeraGrid resource providers and other partners - as you can see at the TeraGrid Education, Outreach, and Training website. We are leveraging the annual high-performance computing SCxx conferences to further strengthen the nation's ability to prepare the next generation of our workforce. Purdue is leading the SC06 education program and TeraGrid will be coordinating the education programs at SC07, and SC08. Last week Scott Lathrop, TeraGrid's director of education, kicked off a planning meeting held at Argonne National Laboratory with 40 education leaders from almost as many organizations.

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TeraGrid and the Resource Providers are also assisting researchers in making effective use of high performance computing through a series of workshops and institutes, including the following upcoming parallel computing workshops at PSC in August and at TACC in September. More details are available at

TeraGrid has also been actively engaged in outreach to new communities including

. the Humanities, Arts and Social Science communities through the efforts of HASTAC (http://www.hastac.org/) and

. the Minority Serving Institutions through the efforts of the Minority Serving Institutions Cyberinfratructure Institute (http://www.educationgrid.org/index.html)

For example, NCSA is hosting a workshop August 7-10 on Enabling Minority Serving Institutions to be Cyberinfrastructure Resource Providers.

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