A Roadmap to Attribute-Based Authorization

At the end of August we're holding an internal TeraGrid workshop to look at a number of important issues related to authorization, audit, accounting, and security. One of the things (I've mentioned in a few other posts) we will be talking about is attribute-based authorization. Von Welch (GridShib project) has been editing a paper, Scaling TeraGrid Access: A Roadmap for Attribute-based Authorization for a Large Cyberinfrastructure with several of us helping as co-authors. It is worth looking at even in draft format. Comments more than welcome!


week-ending at...

Non-sequitur of the week: One of the best places to rock-climb in the (OK, flat) midwest is Upper Limits. They've converted some old grain silos (it's the midwest...) in Bloomington, Illinois into a rock climbing gym (they have another gym in St. Louis). A few dozen 60 foot top-roped routes inside several silos, good bouldering inside and outside, and a couple of 100 foot routes up the side of the building outside. (I'd provide a Google Earth pointer but it's under a cloud....)


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