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I've been talking with Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, who heads up the TeraGrid Science Gateways initiative, about the common requirements we are seeing bubble to the surface as now well over 20 gateways (most of them could be called "eScience Portals") are working with us to "plug" in grid resources to these gateways. Nancy's list is very interesting, and it would be good to figure out which of these might already exist (and could be adopted), which we should commission to be developed, etc.

* Resource Status Service (both polling and pub/sub)
* Job Submission Interface (The gateways expect this to be provided by Globus WS-GRAM)
* Job Tracking Interface (Both polling and pub/sub)
* File/Data Staging Interface
* Retrieve Usage Information
* Retrieve Inca Info
* Advanced Reservation Interface
* Retrieve user information for a job
* Retrieve accounting information/statistics

These are the computational-centric services, but there are many other science gateway services, particularly collaboration and social networking tools, that many gateways are providing, and we would do well to look at what we could adopt from commercial providers of "Web 2.0" capabilities! (some of our gateway partners are doing this already)

Non-sequitur of the week:I just bought four tickets to see one of my favorite bands, Jars of Clay at the House of Blues in October. I especially like this band's leadership in solving real world problems though initiatives like the 1000 Wells project, which is in its second year with partners like Africare and has catalyzed lots of local efforts - for example at UC Davis.


Blogger Lee Liming said...

Charlie, I'm jealous about the concert. My wife and I also enjoy Jars of Clay quite a lot.

Looking at the list of web services here, here are my thoughts on what we have already in CTSS and what we could perhaps add to meet these needs.

MDS4 can provide the resource status service (polling & pub/sub) and the job tracking interface (polling & pub/sub). Deployment of this capability is already in progress.

GridFTP and RFT (especially RFT) already provide file/data staging for WS GRAM job submissions, and there's no reason they couldn't be used for other staging needs as well.

There have been discussions about how to integrate Inca and MDS for years now, but no specific applications have ever surfaced to motivate the work or provide the detailed requirements that would guide the work toward a useful implementation. (These would be real apps that have a need for this capability now, not just theoretical apps.) If there are specific gateways that have a requirement for this, they would be the source of detailed requirements that we've been waiting for to make this happen.

I think that the last two (retrieving user information for jobs and accounting information/stats) are the aim of the auditing capability that Stu Martin is working on, right?

8/23/2006 11:07:00 AM  
Blogger CeC said...

Yes, these are really important additions to the incomplete list. And yes, right, Stu is working on those last two!

8/23/2006 07:43:00 PM  

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